Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Are Still Married

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Two good friends are getting married today, so I picked this title with them in mind. We Are Still Married is my favorite Garrison Keillor book, just edging out Lake Wobegone Days. (Garrison Keillor was brought to my attention by my maternal grandparents, who came to visit us with a copy of Lake Wobegone) This is a collection of essays and poems and while there is some Lake Woebegone type stuff, there is also some really great commentary on contemporary life. I thought the "Young Lutheran's Guide to Orchestra" was pretty funny, loved some of the short stories, but the real standout is his essay on writing a letter. In fact, his description of the flow of letter writing was actually critical in one of my major career decisions. It's a treasure trove of a book, check it out.

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