Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien is still working out Vietnam for himself, using writing as his therapy. In this book, he has transformed his inner turmoil into great art. Part memoir, part fiction, the book focuses on several different characters-- soldiers, nurses, the people who love them. The book talks about the experience of being in combat and also what it's like to live with the combat experience afterwards. Another Vietnam themed book I enjoyed was The Road Home, by Ellen Emerson White, about the experiences of combat nurse as she returns home.


Shuttsie said...

I forgot to mention-- Congrats Angstrat on picking the Oprah book before she did!!

angstrat said...

Yep, I take all the credit! While I think it's a book worth reading, I just don't know how the Oprah regulars are going to respond to a book with a baby roasting on a spit. Strange that the reclusive Cormac McCarthy is going on the show.