Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Feel Bad About My Neck

Thoughts on aging from the woman who brought us When Harry Met Sally, how can you go wrong? I really enjoyed this quick read from Nora Ephron, where she takes on aging, but also beauty rituals, her Manhattan apartment that she had to give up and her inability to have a neat purse. I'm 30 (it's the new 20!) and I felt this book still spoke to me. I have read that other people felt she was flaunting her wealth in the chapter where her rent is raised on her luxury apartment and she is forced to move out, but I felt she was pretty down to earth and had a rather wry sense of humor about the whole thing. There's also a great chapter about her love of reading, as she too is in the reader club. I'm wearing a scoop neck for you right now, Nora!!

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