Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

This book was recommended by a former member of my book club. She enjoyed this book because she likes nonfiction that makes her think about what she would do in such a situation. In Prize Winner, Evelyn Ryan is the mother of ten children and married to a violent husband. She comes up with an ingenious solution to help her family get by. She enters contests and frequently wins the small prizes--$25, a toaster, even a trip to New York and a sports car. Most of these contests are for writing jingles. The book is written by her daughter, Terry, who reflects upon her mother's perseverance and her father's anger. My friend especially liked this book because, as a pessimist herself, she enjoyed reading a book about an optimist that wasn't annoying.

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Shuttsie said...

This was a great book! Has anybody seen the movie?