Thursday, March 15, 2007

Frosty: A Racoon to Remember

Ok, I know this sounds like the cheesiest book in the world and it's out of print. But, I really loved it when I was in junior high school (my mother and grandfather liked it too!). This is a memoir of a park ranger at Big Basin National Park who takes in a baby raccoon, when its mother is killed by a falling tree. Frosty, the raccoon, starts out tiny and cute, needing to be bottle fed, but quickly grows up enough to be quite a handful, eating things he shouldn't, and antagonizing pets. Eventually (spoiler alert), Frosty becomes an adult and must venture into the wild. It's a cute, fun read, that I liked much better than say, the Cat Who Came For Christmas.

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Marcio said...

I read this book (a couple of times) while in grade school. I absolutely loved it, too. Strongly recommended for animal lovers!