Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sleeper: Out in the Cold

Sleeper is not your typical superhero comic. Sleeper tells the story of Holden Carver, a super-powered deep undercover government agent who is infiltrating a dangerous super-powered criminal syndicate. So deep undercover is Carver that only his boss John Lynch knows what he is really up to, but at the time the story begins Lynch had been attacked and rendered comatose. Carver, now trapped in his criminal identity, must simultaneously avoid detection by the criminal mastermind running the organization he is infiltrating while eluding capture by his former government compatriots, all the while dealing with having lost his way. Backing up an intriguing premise is an entertaining (if heinous) cast of characters including Carver's colleague and lover Miss Misery, best friend Genocide Jones, evil mastermind boss TAO, and more. While perhaps not the most beautifully drawn book out there, it is dark and definitely suits the mood of the series. Highly recomended.


Shuttsie said...

yay! Welcome to the blogisphere

John said...

It was very traumatizing. :-P

Krista said...

They got you too, huh? (c: