Saturday, March 3, 2007

Snow Crash

Perhaps one of the best novels in the cyberpunk genre, Snow Crash depicts a near future, though completely unrecognizable America. We are introduced to the book's main character, Hiro Protagonist, in a brilliant opening scene depicting him as the Deliverator, a pizza delivery guy for the mob owned Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza. Hiro is later thrust into dangerous intrigue as he discovers a mind altering known as Snow Crash, which is being used by an industrialist to take over, well, pretty much everything. The book does contain a rather massive info dump as Hiro discovers the virus's connections with ancient Sumerian mythology, but the characters, story, humor, and action are all so engaging that they easily make up for it.


Krista said...

John, this is one of my all-time favorite books, even though I wasn't actually sure what happened at the end. Do you know Neal Stephenson's daughter goes to my high school? I mean, the high school where I work. Awesome, huh?

John said...

That's awesome! :D Tell me if you run into him! :)

Have you read his other books as well?

Krista said...

I have tons of his books, but I haven't been able to read them yet. I read part of Cryptonomicon (okay, I know I spelled that wrong) and it was great, but too long at the time. One day I'll finish it.