Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Android's Dream

The Android's Dream opens with a scene where United Nations of Earth trade official farting grievious insults to his alien counterpart using the alien Nidu's scent language. In the aftermath of this fatal meeting, tensions have escalated between Earth and Nidu which could lead to a war in which Humanity would not fare very well. However, all this unpleasantness could be averted if Earth can provide the Nidu with a sheep.

You read that correctly: a sheep. This isn't any ordinary sheep, however. It is a very special sheep that our hero Harry Creek must go to a great deal of trouble to find and protect. Shockingly enough, this involves lots of narrow escapes, creative applications of force, and hell-raising AIs. Creek's first date with the sheep is a complete disaster as well. While the sci-fi action comedy that follows is unlikely to be mistaken for serious literature, it was a most entertaining, light hearted read that left me wanting more. This was my first John Scalzi book, but it will not be my last.


Krista said...

Weird. I just put this book on my to read list and my Amazon.com list. And I added Scalzi's blog to the growing list of author blogs I read. I'm glad to know someone who has read this book and likes it -- now I will be sure to give it a try!

John said...

Cool! :) I've been hearing a lot about him lately, and I've been meaning to give him a shot. I also picked up Old Man's War and Ghost Brigades to read as well, though they may need to wait until I finish all my Christopher Moore books. :)