Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fire and The Gold

Yes, another out of print book. I have a knack, what can I say? The Fire and the Gold by Phyllis Whitney is a young adult novel written about the San Franciso earthquake of 1906. The heroine, Melora is a rich girl who family doesn't understand her headstrong ways, and who is about to break off her engagement to a wealthy man. When the quake hits, suddenly her family's money and social status mean nothing as every one is forced into fighting for mere survival. Fires and floods sweep the city and Melora's actions help save her family and bring her into contact with a another young man (of course). Despite the romance subplot, the book really is about the effect of the earthquake on San Franciso society and includes a fair amount of commentary on race and social class. Both my mother and I loved this book, check it out if you can find a copy.

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