Sunday, May 20, 2007

Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris is comic genius and one of the few humans more neurotic than I am. This collection of his essays is an excellent introduction to his work, which centers around his highly dysfunctional childhood and family, his relocation to France as an adult with his long suffering boyfriend, Hugh, and his attempts to learn the language and fit in, and occasionally his obsession with medical oddities. You get the picture. Sedaris is best out loud, so I recommend getting the audio versions, as well as his CD, David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall, just be careful not to wreck your car when laughing. Recently the New Republic ran an article saying his stories were high fictionalized and not a true memoir. I say, when he's this funny- who cares? See him live too if you get the chance, I've seen him read twice and it was amazing.

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angstrat said...

Yes, audio is the way to go with David Sedaris, I think. And it is definitely worth it to see him live.