Friday, May 4, 2007

Book Lust

Nancy Pearl is an uber-librarian. This book and the companion, More Book Lust and compilations of book lists. There are a list about dogs, lists relating to different ethnic groups and different professions, lists about different cities. I don't know if Nancy Pearl has read them all, but you definatly get the feeling she's read most, blowing Anstrat and I away with the depth and breadth of her reading. There is a also a teen version, Book Crush.


angstrat said...

Oh I am such a sucker for book lists! I wish the Book Lust books had more description about the books, though.

Shuttsie said...

Have you read many of her choices? I always look at the the list title "Women in Sports" or whatever, and think ok, Book X, will HAVE to be on there, I will have read at least one, but no, ususally I will have read none.