Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Killer Stuff

The author of this book, Sharon Fiffer, is a native of Kankakee, Illinois. When I lived in that area, she gave a book reading at the local YMCA and I went to get a book signed for my mother, who is a huge mystery fan. The reading was great and so is this mystery, especially if you can't get enough of flea markets and garage sales (cough). Jane Wheel, the heroine is a Kankakee native living in the Chicago suburbs working as a "picker" for an antiques dealer (going to sales to get bargains on stuff to be resold later . She borrows her neighbor's Suburban for her treks, but returns to find her dead. This book and the others in the series have lots of great garage sale scenes (I need help, I accept that), and local Kankakee color as the mystery leads her back home, to her gruff but hilarious parents and best friend Tim, a gay florist who shares her love of antiques. A fun series, especially the first two.

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angstrat said...

I think my sister may now rival you in the garage sale department. I'd be more into them if they didn't always take place when I'm working (Saturdays) or more importantly, sleeping. And now a sudden flashback to Liz's green carpet at LV garage sales.