Saturday, May 5, 2007

Grace (Eventually)

I have a love/hate relationship going on with Anne Lamott. She seems a little narcissistic and I frequently disagree with her and I sort of cringe when things get either too new-agey or too Jesus-y. But there seems to be at least one gem in her essays, something to make me laugh or look at something in a new way. She puts herself out there, revealing some of the mess and insecurity and the things we don't say in public about being a mother or a daughter or a devoted member of a faith. Grace (Eventually) is the third collection of her essays about her faith, following Traveling Mercies and Plan B. The latest batch has essays dealing with raising her teenage son, confronting shady rug-dealers, praying to forgive the Bush administration, and helping her friends through illnesses and one on abortion that had me saying an "Amen, Sister!". (I dropped the ball and skipped a day, thanks to shuttsie for getting things back on track).


Shuttsie said...

I loved the first of these three, haven't read the rest. Even though her column on Salon bugs me for a variety of reasons, in book form she was more tolerable.

angstrat said...

I do think Traveling Mercies is probably the best of the three. The second two have some more political stuff.