Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remember Me to Harold Square

Kendra Kaye and her brother, Oscar, are not looking forward to spending the summer together in their home in New York City. All their friends are off to camps and they don't want to end up in a stupid day camp or in each other's company. Their parents spring two surprises on them. First, they will have a guest, Frank, the son of their parents' friends from Wisconsin. To occupy their time, both sets of parents have made up a scavenger hunt for them. They must spend their summer exploring all parts of Manhattan, visiting museums and other landmarks, and trying different ethnic foods. Kendra and Frank grow close as they spend the summer together and they learn all about the city they live in. This book by Paula Danziger led to my fascination with New York as a child. I picked it up again to re-read before I leave on my first trip there this week and plan to visit many of the places described in this book.


Shuttsie said...

I loved this book! And This Place has No Atmosphere, remember that one?

angstrat said...

I didn't read This Place, but did read The Cat Ate My Gymsuit.