Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bloodsucking Fiends

My husband is now on a full fledged Christopher Moore spree. This is the story of Jody, a San Franciso woman who is attacked on the way home from work one night, only to wake up in a dumpster a vampire, with $100,000 in cash stuffed in her blouse (her sire's idea of a parting gift). Eventually she figures out WHY she has super human strength and senses and a burn on her hand, and she realizes she can't survive in the human worl without assistance. She meets up with Tommy (who my husband describes as her minion), a 19 year old recent transplant from Indiana, who she starts a relationship with to help her survive the restrictions of being a vampire. Tommy, for his part, knows she's a vampire and he's ok with that. The book is incredibly funny and the characters are really engrossing. There is a also a sequel, You Suck.


angstrat said...

Have you read Lamb? I have that one and have been meaning to read it for awhile now.

John said...

Not yet. I have it checked out though. I finished Practical Demonkeeping this weekend, and started The Stupidest Angel after that. I'm also listening to A Dirty Job on my commute. :)

I'll probably read Lamb or Fluke next.

Krista said...

OK, the summary of this book kind of reminds me of Undead and Unwed, which is a totally cheesy but hilarious paranormal romance novel. I know, I sad romance, but I read it for the supernatural elements and the humor and it delivered. Basically, the story is girl gets turned into a vampire and doesn't know it, and then eventually discovers that she this prophesied Queen of the Vampires, and gets involved in this vampire war. It was really funny and light and totally readable in a few hours.