Friday, February 23, 2007

March Madness

We're just a couple of weeks away from one of my favorite times of the year--the NCAA tournament. While the sports world is still obsessing over which bubble teams are in or out and which teams are still in contention for #1 seeds, the book world has already set its bracket for a little March Madness of its own. The Morning News is sponsoring the tourney which pits twelve of last year's best books against each other with each round judged by a different book critic. While last year I had read something like 8 of the top 12, this year I haven't read a single nominee though I do have several on my TBR list. Last year's winner was The Accidental, a book I just didn't get though I did like the voice of some of the characters. Follow the action on the Powells book blog or The Morning News site. Don't forget the basketball version of March Madness either--Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Shuttsie said...

I thought you read Apex Heals the Hurt? I 'm just glad reading the Echo Maker finally paided off, as its the only one I've read on the list.

angstrat said...

Oh I did listen to that one on audio. I'm not sure I finished it yeah, probably not my pick to win it all.

Krista said...

I read Pride of Baghdad and was quite impressed by the quality of the art and the story -- the story was simple but evokes lots of questions about freedom vs. safety and what war does to the landscape and the people and animals living there. I'd vote for it but it's not fair to vote for one when it's the only one you've read. I have several of those on my "to read" list as well.