Friday, February 2, 2007

Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?

Molly Ivins died January 31st after a battle with cancer. Here is her New York Times obituary. On page two, it refers to a "sexually suggestive phrase" she used to describe a mass chicken killing. Come on New York Times, you can say it...she called it a "gang pluck" and that was the end of Molly Ivins working for the Times. This story not only illustrates that the New York Times is still a bunch of sissies, but that she was a damn funny woman, who always lived by her own advice to "raise more hell". This collection of her columns is in my opinion her very best, taking on Reagan, Bush, and local Texas politics, all without fear, as well as a memorable piece on covering Elvis' funeral, staying in university dorm with a cheerleading camp. Her intelligence and biting wit will be greatly missed. Let's get out there and raise hell in her honor.


angstrat said...

Molly Ivins is just one of the many writers Shuttsie has turned me on to throughout the years. Molly's humor, attitude, and insight will definitely be missed.

John said...

Yeah, Molly was great. She will be missed. :(