Saturday, February 10, 2007


Valentine's week continues with Castles by Julie Garwood. When I was in college the lady who owned the used book store in Joliet told my mom and I about For the Roses, which is also good and I got started on Julie Garwood. My co-blogger, Angstrat, then loaned me a few more of her books, including this one, which I thought was the best. It's a somewhat typical romance scenario, where the hero marries the heroine out of duty, and they fall in love after. I remember this one as having a particularly swoonworthy hero, and a lot of funny dialogue. Julie Garwood has now turned to writing appallingly bad thrillers, that must avoided at all costs. Most of romances are pretty good, but she does have a formula, so I don't recommend reading them back to back. PS, if you are amused by that sort of thing, check out how critical the first editorial review on Amazon is and how it seems like the other two haven't even read the book.

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Shuttsie said...

ok, my mom tells me that actually she read For the Roses for the Shorewood Public Libary Book Discussion. oops.