Saturday, June 16, 2007

Money: A Memoir

I read a really good review of this when it came out, but I think the reviewer must have either read a different book or lived a different life than I do. It is a memoir that deals somewhat with the author's personal experiences with money, including a divorce that leads to a drastic change in her financial situation. It also has some financial advice for women and explores some of the complexities of women's relationships with money. The problem is it tries to be three different books and ends up doing none of them very well at all. The advice part was pretty basic and the memoir and anecdotal sections I could not relate to at all. The other women she talks to all seem to be a random polling of her friends who grew up with mostly the same backgrounds and all with the attitude that a man would take care of them, an attitude that is pretty alien to me and the women I know. And the women "struggling" financially all seemed to be making $200,000 a year and living in million dollar homes. Sorry if it didn't really resonate when I read it on my secondhand couch in my rented apartment in between my two jobs. But maybe it's just me.


Shuttsie said...

I read I'm Not Buying It, a memoir by a women who gave up all discretionary spending for a year. It was a little better, but a woman with two homes (even if she rents the other when's she's not there) is still a bit hard to relate to. Amy Dacyczyn's the Tightwad Gazette, while extreme, really does make you rethink how you spend your money. (As did Oprah's debt diet shows!!)

angstrat said...

I only skimmed parts but I actually kind of liked the Suze Orman book on women and money. It had some good tips and was more on the realistic side.