Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Bridges of Madison County

A letter to the heroine of The Bridges of Madison County by her daughter.

Dear Mom:
Wow! Little brother and I were very surprised to find those letters and diaries after your death. Who would have guessed you were having a hot affair with a Client Eastwood lookalike while we were at the Iowa State Fair? And let me tell you how special it was to find out your marriage to Daddy was a sham, and Mr. 4 days in a lifetime was your soulmate. And rather than be happy, you sacrificed everything to live a lie -for our sakes of course-even after we were grown and out of the house. Heavy. Mom, I can't tell you how happy it made us to find out we ruined your life like that. And of course, I'm so glad you let us know- I mean, what if you had burned those papers? Then we'd have never known! Thanks Mom.

Your Daughter, who in the book basically found the whole affair "so beautiful" (sniff)

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