Sunday, June 10, 2007

Into Thin Air

I didn't really think this book was going to be for me but a friend of mine really loved it so I ended up giving it a chance. I started it just before a long drive cross-state with my family and never has a car ride gone by so fast. Instead of refrains of "Are we there yet?" I would glance up and think the miles were going by too quickly--I wanted to have more time to finish the book. Krakauer's book is the story of his climb of Mount Everest in 1996 with a group of climbers led by Rob Hall. Tragically, eight climbers from two expeditions would not make it back. Krakauer's account is filled with examples of both heroism and bad judgment. His story is laced with his guilt as a survivor and questioning of motives and actions that contributed to the fateful trip. I found this book to be completely gripping and suspenseful.

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