Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Don't Love Me Yet

Lucinda, Matthew, Denise, and Bedwin are members of a fledgling indie rock band in LA. They don't even have a name or a full set list yet. Bassist Lucinda takes a job answering phones for a complaint line that is also part of a conceptual art piece conceived by one of her exes, Falmouth. An intriguing caller unknowingly supplies the lyrics to some new songs, and when the band plays them at Falmouth's art piece/party, the band's career trajectory changes in a hurry. A lot of critics seemed to think this was a slight book from Jonathan Lethem. While it definitely lacks the scope of Fortress of Solitude, which I loved, I do think the reviews don't quite give it enough credit. I enjoyed the inside look at the start-up band, the collision of the art and music worlds, and the questions of creativity and originality that the book poses.

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