Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good In Bed

This book is the ur text of so called chick lit. Unlike most chick lit, which is a dressed up romance, this book is really more about finding yourself rather than finding romance. The heroine, Cannie Shapiro, is recovering from a breakup when her ex-writes a thinly disguised column about her for a national magazine making reference to her plus sized body. Even though the column is not a put down but rather his attempt thoughtful look at how her weight affected their relationship, Cannie is still sent into a tailspin that ends up changing her whole life. The book is hilarious as Cannie's voice is sarcastic in the very best way and the whole book is inspiring, especially to anyone who's ever felt like the "fat girl."

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angstrat said...

Thumbs up on this one from me, too!