Monday, April 30, 2007

Home Comforts

eeek! It's a reference book! And about homemaking no less. As virtually everyone reading this blog knows, I'm not know for my tidiness. This book, by Cheryl Mendelson (a lawyer living the dream of not practicing law) is pretty cool. Whether you want to know how to fold a fitted sheet or get gum out of your carpet (ahem, just an example) this book has the answers. There is a huge section on food safety which is vastly helpful for figuring out if that slightly moldly cheese is safe once you cut the mold off (answer if its a soft cheese pitch it, if it is a hard cheese you can try to save). This is a really helpful book and when I first bought it, I was inspired to clean my house A LOT. Sadly, that wore off but this book still has much to recommend it. (PS, for God's sake, buy a hardback, you'll split a paperback spine in seconds)

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