Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits

Dave Barry is a funny guy. So funny, in fact, that he won the Pulitzer Prize for it. There are a ton of books by Dave Barry out there, lots of compliations of his columns, and "theme books" like Dave Barry Turns 40 and Dave Barry Slept Here, a Sort of History of the United States. Some of those are funny, all have funny moments, but this book, above of his others is hilarious. When I loaned to my Dad, he woke up my mother he was laughing so hard. In conclusion-- it really is his greatest hits!!


angstrat said...

Ooh! My friend made Dave Barry's blog for his 1968 pennies collection! Unfortunate headline though. Here's the link.

angstrat said...

OK, don't have time to make the link work but do a Google search for Dave Barry 1968 pennies.