Saturday, January 20, 2007

Set This House in Order

When you work in a library, sometimes it's a patron who helps you find a book you wouldn't normally read. I picked up Set this House in Order by Matt Ruff after an enthusiastic patron insisted I needed to give it a try. Andy Gage was reborn two years ago as the public face of the old Andy who has multiple personality disorder. Andy and his fellow souls have devised a unique way of dealing with his MPD. They all live in a house in his mind loosely guided by Aaron, another of his personalities. When his boss hires a woman, Penny, who also has MPD, Andy reluctantly begins to help her. As he tries to help Penny, questions are raised about his own life that threaten to destroy the house he developed as a coping mechanism. Ruff has some imaginative theories about how the mind works and the characterization of the various personalities is wonderful.

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