Thursday, April 8, 2010

The ABC Murders

I have been going through quite a Agatha Christie phase ever since I saw the episode of Dr. Who where he meets Agatha Christie at an English country house and they solve a mystery together back in 2008. (Also the episode that hooked me on Dr. Who to my husband's delight). My mother loves mysteries and she keeps hoping I'll get into them too, but so far the Christies aren't acting as a gateway drug. Miss Marple is my favorite Christie character, but, sigh, I've read them all. So, on to Poirot.

This is a fun mystery, Hercule Poirot's clueless sidekick Colonel Hastings narrates, which I enjoy, as they search for what could be seen as a prototype of the serial killer. The murderer sends notes to Poirot telling him details of the next crime and taunting him for his inability to solve the case. The clues are there, but as usual, I missed them. (That's ok, Christie even fooled The Doctor. Once) I listened to this as an audio book which gave me the illusion I was picking up on the tiny hints, but, nope.

I enjoyed it so much that I am now trying to find more Agatha Christie mysteries on audio. I'm reading Why Didn't They Ask Evans which has the distinction of being uber-librarian Nancy Pearl's favorite Christie.

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