Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just watched this Showtime series on DVD last week and was hooked immediately. And it has a bookish connection, too, since the show is based on the Dexter books, starting with Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter is a sociopath who lacks emotion, except for that dark desire to kill people, of course. His adopted father Harry, a cop, discovers his dark side after he kills a few animals. Through flashbacks, we see Harry teach Dexter how to fake his emotions to get by in the world and how to channel his dark side into something positive. Harry realizes he is not going to be able to stop his son from eventually killing people, so he sets about teaching Dexter a code--basically to just kill the bad guys--and how to get away with it. That's the setup, and the flashbacks are just a small part. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD and the department is trying to track down the Ice Truck Killer, who chops up his victims after draining their blood and leaves the collection of parts in unusual displays. Dexter develops a fascination and admiration with the killer, even as he tries to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Dexter is also trying to manage his personal life with his sister and his girlfriend Rita, and trying to unravel his past and figure out how he managed to become who he is. Dexter is convincingly played by Michael C. Hall (from Six Feet Under, another excellent TV on DVD choice). If you have an aversion to blood, you might want to stay away, though.


Krista said...

Hey, Angie,
I love both the books and the show, but I think after reading the second book, I prefer the show a bit more. I like how Dexter is more inhuman in the books--you never forget he is a killer--but the second book wasn't as well written, and had some super disturbing stuff as well. Did you read them both?

angstrat said...

I haven't actually read the books, just watched the show. I flipped through the new one at work (Dexter in the Dark) and wasn't too excited about the parts I read. I think I'll stick with the show for now but might go back to the first book some time. Thanks for the info!